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Tulips flowers

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Tulips Care
TulipsPlant theTulips flowers bulbs in early autumn for flowers from mid to end of winter. Use either waterproof containers or pots with drainage holes. Plant five or six Tulips flowers bulbs together - not touching - so that only its vertices appear on the surface of the mixture, which should be very moist. Is also given to the base or a mixture of peat or a mixture suitable for bulbs (composed of two parts crushed oyster shell, a piece of charcoal and crushed six parts of peat).
If you use the latter, moisten it well, but squeeze out excess water before planting the tulips flower bulbs.
Place the planted bulbs in a dark place where the temperature not exceeding 10 ° C, nor fall below 0 º.
The absence of light and heat is essential to good root development before the development of foliage. Commercial gardeners bury their containers on the ground outside in a thick layer of moist peat. If this is not possible, end each container in a black plastic bag and place it on a balcony in the shade or on a window sill where the sun does not hit. Pour the mixture as often as necessary to keep moist but not soaked. Do not fertilize tulips flowers.

Keep the bulbs in the dark and cool until the leaves reach 5 to 7.5 cm long (probably after eight to ten weeks). Since then, uncover the container and gradually expose the plants to light and temperatures average slightly higher. Water when needed, as before, and keep the plants in a relatively cool (if possible, below 16 º C) until the stems reach a minimum length of 7-10cm and the flower buds are already well clear of the foliage. As it grows, the plant can handle higher temperatures, but do not subject the tulips flowers at temperatures much above 16 º C. The 13-16 of the flowers remain attractive for three to four weeks. The heat makes them wither quickly. Tulips are not usually grown indoors for more than one season, in which case flowering diminish or disappear altogether.

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